My name is Simon Amor and this is my website. It's mainly a collection of bits and pieces for my use, but you may find something of interest. Alternatively, you might be better looking at my blog. Simon's Blog is mostly about books I've read, my latest programming or web-based experiments and occasionally random postings about nothing in particular, just because I feel like it.

Origin of the name

You might be wondering about the name "Shoe Bocks" - my wife Jaq had the domain bocks.com already and I didn't want to register my own domain so I just took a subdomain. While thinking of a suitable subdomain of bocks.com, I noticed a shoebox containing an assortment of junk and figured it was somewhat appropriate since that's what my website would probably contain!
Since then, I've purchased a couple of other domains; leaky.org for random web tinkerings and simon.me.uk for my blog.

Network tutorial

I have been writing a network tutorial for C and UNIX since about 1995 and it's still being added to from time to time. It seems to be quite popular with the students from Norway studying network programming so I guess it can't be as bad as I thought. Why not see for yourself?

Perl things

These days most of what I write is in Perl so I doubt the tutorial will ever be completely finished. One interesting thing to note is that much of it applies to Perl as well as C since many of the network functions work the same in both languages.


Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

I was somewhat bored so thought I'd write a quick web-game. It's fun, but only for a few clicks.


Shartak A multi-player web game that I've been writing since 2006.

Absolute MUSH

I can occasionally be found (although not nearly as much as before) on Absolute MUSH as the character Simon (surprisingly enough). If I'm on but idle, or not online, feel free to send me +mail (on Absolute).
Useless Trivia: Absolute has been running since late 1994 which I believe makes it one of the oldest MU* (MUSH/MUCK/MUD/MUSE) in the UK that's still running!

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